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Dear writer, you’ve poured your heart and life into your manuscript, and now you’re ready to pursue the last few steps before you begin your publishing journey. I’m glad you’re here. My mission is to serve as your editorial advocate, providing excellent editing services while pointing you to the right writing resources for your book or project!

I offer a few content and grammar editing services to help authors like you prepare your manuscript for either self-publishing or traditional publishing. (Check them out below!) I don’t provide beta reading, manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, or writing coaching, so if your initial sample indicates you may need more than I can offer, I’ll happily refer you to other quality professionals or writing groups and resources to help you assemble your publishing team!

The Chicago Manual of Style is my foundational reference (it’s the go-to for book publishing in the United States), and my supplemental references include The Christian Writer’s Manual of StyleMerriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, and many others. Prices are typically based per 1,000 words so you know exactly how much your edit will cost before you sign a contract. So you can be confident I’m the right editor for you, I provide free sample copy and line edits of up to 500 words. Longer paid samples can be provided upon request. Book my editorial services à la carte or as a package. Contact me for a quote or take a look at my testimonials.

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What Christi Edits
Edit-ready manuscripts should be submitted as a Microsoft Word (or compatible) file in Times New Roman, twelve-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins unless a different format is approved by the editor.

Note: If you’re in need of editorial services and you’re on a deadline, it’s always a good idea to book early! My editorial calendar is often filled up at least a few months in advance.

Check out my editorial packages or fill out my author questionnaire for a quote.

Line editing evaluates your manuscript and your writing from a bird’s-eye view, focusing on the craft. Your project should have already gone through a few rounds of developmental editing or beta reading by the time it gets to this stage. Learn more . . .

Copyediting is my most popular and most versatile service, and it is focused on the hurdles of the manuscript “trail.” If your work has been through extensive developmental review, beta reading, and self-editing, it can often start here. Learn more . . .

Proofreading is the final editorial stage your work goes through before publication, combing through the fine details of what can make or break your work’s climb. For books, this usually means the manuscript is laid out for print in PDF form. For shorter works or online content, this may mean you need a final eye before clicking Publish. Learn more . . .

Query reviews are designed for authors who have a complete and polished manuscript and want to pursue traditional publishing but need help preparing their query letter or synopsis. A query letter is usually 250 to 300 words and contains a hook to make the agent want to read the synopsis and any pages they might require. A synopsis is a one-to-three page summary of your novel from start to finish. No mystery, no to be continued, just your entire book laid out to help the agent know exactly what it’s about. Learn more . . .

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